Monday, June 06, 2005

Urban Environmental Accords

Mayors from around the world on Sunday signed an international treaty calling for increased use of public transportation and drastic cuts to the amount of trash sent to landfills.

These are, of course, nonbinding; let's hope there's some sincere intention on the part of the signatories and not just political posturing.

On the local front, Knoxville's Greenway initiative suggests that there's evidence of "intent to green" here in East Tennessee. They're getting ready to expand the Third Creek greenway by Neyland further into South Knoxville (as the James White greenway), where it will eventually cross the river via James White bridge and continue along to connect with Ijams Nature Center. Metro Pulse has a feature on our expanding greenways in this week's edition.


ashby said...

I live close to the south side of the river and I see the greenway expansion work everyday. Once a small section on TSD property is fonished, it will be possible to go from the Sea Ray end of the Will Skelton Greenway at Ijams, all the way to Holston Gas all on Greenway or sidewalks. Now if they would just slap a sidewalk between Holston Gas and the Gay Street Bridge, maybe bike commuters won't have to go whistling so close to death everyday through there.

Antarctica Ozone said...
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