Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In the raw.

Scooping the poop in the Tuesday raw sewage roundup:

  • Two employees at the Mt. Pleasant (Middle Tennessee) wastewater plant have been indicted for falsifying records regarding wastewater testing. They had been following "incorrect procedure" regarding reporting the amount of fecal coliform in the water, and were not in compliance with environmental standards. This isn't the first time they've been cited in Mt. Pleasant for not complying with environmental regulations regarding their wastewater. According to the article, the guys are still (as of Friday) on the job.    link (reg req'd)

  • In other news, TVA would like for boaters to stop dumping untreated, unfiltered (i.e. raw) sewage directly into lakes. The initiative is the Clean Marina program, and it also encourages boaters to engage in recycling, erosion control, and prevention of oil spills. It also provides "environmentally friendly education" for boaters. Here's a quote from the Knoxville News Sentinel's article on the program:
    His children, he said , stopped contracting ear infections when the dumping stopped - a health hazard believed to be caused by swimming in lakes where raw sewage is dumped.

    "It's just the concept of dumping that raw sewage in that fresh water and swimming there - it's much more appealing to know that practice isn't acceptable any more," Cory said.
    No shit.

    The initiative was launched in 2000. Less poop in lakes-- how new milennium!    link (reg req'd)

    Good for TVA on this one, but bear in mind that they have been a major contributor -- on a much larger scale than the poop-dumping boating community -- to the Tennessee River's ranking as one of the most polluted rivers in the nation. Keep working on it, folks.

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